About Kulturnatt Stockholm

Kulturnatt Stockholm 2021 will take place on the 24th of April, and brings all of Stockholm’s cultural life to you, wherever you are!

For the second time in world history, Kulturnatten will take digital form. Do you prefer watching programs of your own choosing on Kulturnatt Stockholm Play, or do you prefer following the livestreams on Kulturnatts-TV? Your experience can be adjusted to your likings this year – together or alone, to your known taste or with the hope of finding something new. Either way, we will take a large part of Stockholm’s cultural life to you, wherever you are.



Saturday, April 24th 2021, 18:00 – 24:00. 

Kulturnatt Stockholm Play will remain available until May 1st.



Both Kulturnatt Stockholm Play and Kulturnatts-TV will be found here on our website.

Kulturnatts-TV will also be broadcasted on Facebook.



Kulturnatts-TV will be aired live for six hours, 18:00–24:00, from different venues all over Stockholm. Your company through the night is our host Maria Nohra, airing from the marble foyer in the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Kulturnatt Stockholm Play will also be published at 18:00 – a large digital library with content from over 130 cultural venues which will stay available the whole night and the following week.


Many – but not all – of the programs on Kulturnatt Stockholm Play will be subtitled in English. Kulturnatts-TV will not be subtitled in English, since it is filmed and aired live.



An assembled programme for Kulturnatt Stockholm Play can be found HERE! The table for Kulturnatts-TV will be released closer to showtime – follow us on social media if you want to be the first to know! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram och Twitter. See you there!


Kulturnatt Stockholm is the night you discover what you did not know existed, or always dreamed of trying. The cultural life of Stockholm is ready to meet you and serve the best of all that is usually available and everything which is usually not. Cultural centres, galleries, theatres, museums, studios, organisations, libraries and many more stay open between 18:00-24:00 and welcome you to an unforgettable night. All free of charge

Kulturnatt Stockholm is a collaboration between Stockholms stad and Stockholms Kulturliv.