Want to become a Culture Night venue?


To become an official Stockholm Culture Night venue, all participating venues are required to


Why Culture Night?

The main purpose of Stockholm Culture Night is to strengthen existing museums, institutions and venues in the city that offer a cultural program all year around. The event is first and foremost aimed towards organizations and venues that mainly operates within the cultural sector.

The goal of Stockholm Culture Night is to showcase the city’s rich cultural scene to the public and facilitate an increase in visitors to the participating venues all year around.


How to participate?

Participation is based on voluntary commitment and is free of charge. The cultural administration will not interfere with organizers’ program as long as it stays within the framework of Swedish law and adheres to the main requirements of participation listed above.


The Cultural Administration uses The Guide to Sustainable events to plan the Culture Night and encourages the participating venues to use this guide as a support in creating sustainable events.


Who can participate?

What kind of venue you are – a museum, theatre, gallery, studio, library – and what you plan to do during the evening – organize live music, dance, theatre, an exhibition, artist talks – is entirely up to you.


If your venue is a bar, restaurant or shop you need to create a cultural program for the evening that visitors can experience free of charge beyond your ordinary business. Organizers of city walking tours need to administer their own ticket booking system and carry out more than one walk to at least 50 visitors in total during the evening.


Interested in participating?

On the 9th of January an information meeting will be held digitally in Swedish.

The 7th of February is the deadline for all venues to submit their entire program. The submission marks your official registration for participating in the Culture Night.

If your organization or venue wants to become part of Stockholm Culture Night 2024, contact kulturnatt@stockholm.se in a timely manner  to recieve more details, an invitation to the information meeting and the link to the program submission site.

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