Want to become a Culture Night venue?


To become an official Stockholm Culture Night venue, all participating organizations need to keep their venue open to the public on the Culture Night (2024 it is 20th of April), between 6 pm and 12 pm, and offer visitors a culture program with free admission.

The main purpose of Stockholm Culture Night is to strengthen existing museums, institutions and venues that offer a culture program all year round. Stockholm Culture Night focuses first and foremost on organizations and venues that mainly operates within the cultural sector.


The goal of Stockholm Culture Night is to showcase a broad cultural scene, contribute to an increased awareness of cultural offerings in the city, and to make it easier for Stockholmers and visitors to visit the participating venues all year around.

The cultural administration will not interfere with organizers program as long as it stays within the framework of Swedish law and the visitors will be able to visit the venue for free during the entire opening hours of the Culture Night.


The Cultural Administration uses The Guide to Sustainable events to plan the Culture Night and encourages the participating venues to use this guide as a support in creating sustainable events.


Participation is based on voluntary commitment and is free of charge. If you want to be a part of Stockholm Culture Night 2024, contact kulturnatt@stockholm.se for more information.

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