Kulturnatten from abroad

Are you dreaming of visiting Stockholm? Or are you just on an imaginary journey through Europe? We have put together a path for those of you who are experiencing Kulturnatt Stockholm from abroad!


Start your night in grandeur and royal grace with visits to The Royal Swedish Opera, The Royal Palace and Stockholm City Hall. When grande halls start to feel too large, it is time to dive into the Baltic Sea with the marine archaeologists at VRAK – Museum of Wrecks. Slow down your pulse while watching mesmerizing glass getting shaped in ”Hot Glass”. OURWAY Tours and Strindberg Museum serve bite-sized portions of Stockholm’s history, ScreenDance Festival and Basis School of Art show off some contemporary Swedish and international art. End your Kulturnatt with a digital visit to the building that might hold the record for being mistaken as The Royal Palace: Nordiska museet (or keep going, there’s much more to see!)




Save this page! From April 24, 18:00 to the 1st of May, you will be able to find these films and much more from the home page of this website!


What to see


Welcome to The Royal Swedish Opera – Sweden’s National Stage for Opera & Ballet!

The Royal Swedish Opera


Kungliga operan


The Royal Swedish Opera invites you to watch excerpts from the heartfelt opera ”Tosca” and get swept away by the ballet ”Suite en blanc”. The Opera house serves unique and unforgettable experiences during this year’s Kulturnatt Stockholm. Welcome!

”Tosca” is performed by The Royal Swedish Orchestra and soloists from The Royal Swedish Opera. The Royal Ballet performs ”Suite en blanc” – a dazzling piece created by a choreographer who changed many audiences’ notion of dance and classical ballet.


The Royal Swedish Opera is Sweden’s national theatre for the operatic arts. Since its inception in 1773, the directors, set designers, and singers have been ambassadors of the European operatic tradition, while also pushing the boundaries of the art form.




Behind the Scenes

The Royal Palace


Curator Bronwyn Griffith and designer Ulrika Wolff talk about Crown Princess Margareta’s apartment, usually not open for visitors.

Crown Princess Margareta (1882-1920) was a very interesting person, a lot ahead of her time in many areas. The Royal Palace hope to be able to open an exhibition about her this summer, in the apartment she had decorated at the Royal Palace. Crown Princess Margareta was a strong-willed mother who amongst many things started Sweden’s first bandy team for women. She coordinated large shipments of packages to prisoners of war all over Europe, had a big interest for gardening and was artistically talented. ”The sunray of the Royal Palace” made a mark on her time.


The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Swedish head of state, usually open for visitors.




Hidden Rooms in the Stockholm City Hall

Stockholm City Hall


During this year’s digital version of Kulturnatt, Stockholm City Hall will show a number of rooms normally not open to the public, including some beautifully decorated meeting rooms and the vast kitchen located above the Golden Hall!

Stockholm City Hall consists of 215 rooms and the majority of them are offices and meeting rooms. During a guided tour the visitors are invited to see the ceremonial halls, such as the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall. Now, Stockholm City Hall is opening the doors to a number of rooms visitors are not usually allowed to see.


Stockholm City Hall is famous for its grand ceremonial halls and unique pieces of art and is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet held on the 10th of December every year. It also houses offices for 300 people including the City Council.




Dive Into Vrak

Vrak – Museum of Wrecks


Peek into the new museum and meet marine archaeologists who take us down to the secrets of the Baltic Sea.

On the floor of the Baltic Sea rests a cultural treasure, unique in the world. It is time to shed light on these wrecks in a brand new museum! Vrak – Museum of Wrecks offers its visitors a deep dive into the secrets of the Baltic Sea.


Vrak – Museum of Wrecks is a new maritime archaeological museum next to the Vasa Museum, at Djurgården in Stockholm. The museum hopes to open up in September 2021.




Hot glass

Konsthantverkarna – Contemporary Craft




Glass artist Frida Lundén Mörck shows parts of her working process. She shapes and blows the hot glass and an art piece slowly emerges. The finished results can be seen in her exhibition in the gallery until the 5th of May.


Konsthantverkarna was founded in 1951 and shows contemporary arts and craft. The cooperative has 85 members in the whole country and shows 10 to 12 solo- and group exhibitions every year with both Swedish and international artists and craftsmen. They represent a broad variety of techniques: ceramics, glass, silver/metal, wood, concrete, leather, jewellery and textiles and sell both utilities and art pieces.




Karin Lannby: A wordclass spy



How is the Spanish dictator Franco connected to a German movie star, classified documents, assassinations, and the world-famous director Ingmar Bergman? Well, through the Swedish spy Karin Lannby, who goes by the code name Annette.

During World War II, Stockholm was due to Sweden’s geographical location and official position, known as Europe’s Casablanca: a paradise for spies and intelligence networks.

Join us for a virtual taste of this is exciting city-walk about romance, betrayal and espionage. We’ll follow in the footsteps of Karin Lannby, a world-class spy, also known as one of the most productive Stockholm agents during World War II.


OURWAY Tours is a bespoke tour operator, specialising in guided tours within Scandinavia.




Visit Strindberg

Strindberg Museum


Writer August Strindberg lived his last years, 1908-12, at Drottninggatan 85. Join us for a tour in a unique writer´s home. The apartment, decorated in Jugend style, is now shown in its whole, complete with an object Strindberg would have loved!

Join in on a guided tour in an author’s home from the turn of the century. The reconstructed environment lets us feel the presence of August Strindberg. This is where he lived and worked. The three rooms were very modern in their time, with electricity, central heating and water toilet. Strindberg decorated his home himself in Jugend style.


The Strindberg Museum consists of Strindberg´s home and adjacent rooms with exhibitions.




10 Dance Films

ScreenDance Festival


1-Minute Dance-films. Beautiful, exciting, different, amusing and truly inspiring dance films from all around the world.


ScreenDance Festival curates dance films that are shown during the festival in April every year, and on tour in different contexts over the year.




Graffiti – Style Means Everything!

Basis School of Art


Creating a personal style is one of the most important ingredients in the art form of graffiti. Artist Thomas OKOK Gunnarsson goes through the basics of graffiti sketching with you!

Sketching a rough draft is essential if you want to create a good graffiti piece. Even if you don’t trace your draft directly from paper to wall, it gives you enough ground knowledge to know what to do when it is time to start spraying.


Basis School of Art gives university preparatory education of the arts.




Tour of an Architectural Masterpiece

Nordiska Museet


Nordiska museet


Enjoy a tour that brings you high above the rooftops, and intimately close to details – those that have been there since 1907, those that were added in 2020 and those that the naked eye might not normally see. 

Nordiska museet (the Nordic Museum) was designed by Isak Gustaf Clason in Nordic Renaissance style, inspired by contemporary European museums. The first bricks were put down in the middle of the 1800s and the architectural details mirror Artur Hazelius’ vision of conserving memories for the future in a palace for the people. The building stood ready in 1907, and in 2020 it was given a permanent addition in the form of a new entrance by architect Lone-Pia Bach with contemporary artwork by artist Outi Pieski.


Nordiska Museet brings you stories of people and life in the Nordic countries, framed by a magnificent building.





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